More than 79% of people complain that their back, hands or eyes often hurt when they work in the office or at home.

Do you work in an office, are you in the home office or do you have any other sedentary job?
Do your back hurt, burn your eyes, or are you stressed all day?
Then we have a solution for you.


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Do something for your health!

What is Office Fitness?

Office Fitness is an online program that is prepared for both individuals and entire companies. The basis of the platform are the  five-minute lessons, which will be unlocked for you every weekday.

If you decide to introduce Office Fitness to your company, competing with colleagues and fighting for the most fit employees awaits for you!

The program is waiting for you in both Czech and English.

You will feel better and more fit

Whether you are in the office or at the Home Office. You will learn how to sit properly and how to set up a job.

You will relieve back and whole body pain

You will learn exercises that you can repeat at any time during the day. You will begin to return your body to its natural position.

You let your eyes rest

Thanks to eye exercises, your eyes will relax and strengthen. Our eyes really deserve it all day.

You will get rid of stress

Breathing exercises will help you relax and relax and manage stress.

Will I get something else?

It's not just about exercising in a chair!

Exercising on a chair and within your workplace is the foundation of our online program, but it's not the only thing we'll teach you. In 5 minutes you will learn how to set up your workplace correctly, we will show you the basics of yoga and meditation, we will work out in the car together and we will even focus on personal development.

You will set up your workplace correctly

Whether you are in the office or at the Home Office. You will learn how to sit properly and how to set up a job.

You will learn the basics of yoga and metidation

You will learn exercises that you can repeat at any time during the day. You will begin to return your body to its natural position.

You can also exercise in the car

Long rides require the right settings for each driver individually. Car exercises will help reduce fatigue and pain.

You will move within the framework of personal development

You will move your life a little further. Whether on a personal or professional level.

Who is already with us?

Member section

What does the system look like?

Watch the video in which Jiří introduces you to the member section and guides you through the basic functions of the website.


After graduating, I began to have problems due to a sedentary job with the cervical and lumbar spine. Thanks to Jirka, who taught me a few exercises, my pain subsided within a few months and I can devote myself fully to work, sports and leisure activities. Now I practice online every day and it's great.
Ing. Pavel Vančuravedoucí oddělení, Český statistický úřad
I have been training with Jirka together for 9 years. After the accident, we still train together to maintain my physical condition. Two years ago, together with the H-center, we started cooperating on a fit-office project. Jirka and her colleagues travel to our company, where they show all of us sitting at the computer all day how, among other things, to set up our workplace correctly. They focus primarily on strengthening and stretching excessively stressed areas during sedentary work. They showed us how simple and effective the right sitting is and especially how fast and effective is the occasional stretching during the working day.
Mgr. Monika FloriánováDirector of the Human Resources Management Department of enteria a.s., Český stavební holding
Jirka goes to the company with us in Kolín. It helps employees eliminate the ills of sedentary work and adjusts their workplace (location of PCs and other work aids). Exercise helps us a lot in managing our daily work.
Bc. Tomáš KeclThe owner of EKO Logistic s.r.o.
I never liked dry preparation. And so I was happy when Jirka trained me. He prepared training plans for me when I played for Davos, and when I returned to Pardubice in 2012, I still work with him to this day. He takes care of my condition so that I can play fully and give the best result.
Petr SýkoraExtra-league ice hockey player, Stanley Cup winner
I have been working with Jirka on various levels for many years. And so, when he approached me as a person sitting at a PC with the idea of OfficeFitness, I didn't hesitate. After a few lessons, I bought an "exercise" for the whole branch. Thanks to Jirka, I can now find time for myself in a busy diary. Do something for your health and still laugh with your colleagues. Jirka is a professional and excellent coach for me in terms of sports.
Mgr. Josef KubíčekThe owner of the franchise Partners Financial Services, a.s.
I started working with Jirka only after an active career, he showed me a new perspective on training and for a while I was able to work next to him in the Hcenter in Pardubice as an instructor.
Eva Němcová HorákováExtra-league basketball player

Who is behind the Office Fitness project?

Our team

Mgr. Jiří Zadina

5minute coach
I want people to live a better and healthier life!

Iris Mertová

Yoga lector
I practice and teach vinyasa flow yoga, I like the dynamics and connection of asanas with the rhythm of the breath.
I love surfing on the waves of the ocean.

Ing. Ondřej Horák

Establishing the right and healthy habits determines what kind of life we have.

Bc. Alžběta Zadinová

Facial yoga lector
Our face is our business card. He is affected by gravity just like the rest of his body, and he works miracles for a few minutes a day.

Mgr. Veronika Szaboóvá

The combination of perfect knowledge of the body and the strength I use in streetwork is a great combination.

Pricing of the program

We offer our online program for both individuals and large companies.

For individuals
starting 166 Kč
/ month
Working at Home Office? Are you a self-employed person? If you are an individual and interested in our program, there is nothing easier!
For companies
individual pricing
Healthy Employees = Healthy Business!
And what more to give your employees than a healthy body and mind We offer individual prices for companies according to the number of employees.

"I want people to live a better and healthier life."

Jiří is the head coach of the largest fitness center in Pardubice, where he currently trains and educates other fitness trainers and instructors. His clients include top athletes, entrepreneurs, but also people who want to achieve strengthening of the muscle corset, weight reduction or gaining muscle mass. He has a long-term collaboration with national team hockey players and NHL overseas players. He specializes in breaking down the ills of modern times such as muscle, joint, back and civilization diseases. Creates programs for training with employees. These programs help people who spend long hours of their working day at the desk. Hundreds of clients have gone through his programs and courses. He is a co-author of the online program, which aims to help completely eliminate pain in the back, joints, hands, cervical spine, muscles, eyes and more. Thanks to special breathing exercises, people manage stress better and increase their concentration at work. Its programs help people live better and healthier lives.

Mgr. Jiří Zadina
5minute coach

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