Almost 79% of people complain that their back, hands or eyes often hurt when they work in the office or home office.

We help people and companies to be healthy.

Regular 5 minute online training blocks for you and your employees

What can we help you with?

You will quickly feel great and fit

Whether you are in the office or at the Home Office. You will learn how to sit properly and how to set up the place for work.

You will relieve back pain and whole body pain

You will learn exercises that you can repeat at any time during the day. You will begin to return your body to its natural position.

You will help your overloaded eyes

Thanks to eye exercises, your eyes will relax and strengthen. Our eyes really deserve it after busy day.

You will get rid of stress and you will feel good

Breathing exercises will help you relax and manage the stress.

You will set up Home Office correctly

Mastering work from home is the challenge. You will learn and put into practice the principles of an effective home office.

In English language

For those who do not understand Czech, we have a special membership section in English and with subtitles for videos in English.

Car exercises and settings for drivers

Long rides require the right settings for each driver individually. Car exercises will help reduce fatigue and pain.

Thanks to more than 250 original lessons

you can look forward to other benefits in the company

Improving corporate culture

Reduction of sickness rate and injuries

Greater care for the health of your employees

Increase efficiency

More energy, better health and prevention of civilization diseases

Better personal and professional life

Sample from the online OfficeFitness program

for each working day

  • A new 5-minute training every working day.
  • Compete with colleagues! Show who is the most fit!
  • All lessons with English subtitles
  • Dashboard in English

"I would like people to live a better and healthier life."

Jiří is the head coach of the largest fitness center in Pardubice, where he currently trains and educates other fitness trainers and instructors. His clients include top athletes, entrepreneurs, but also people who want to achieve strengthening of the muscle corset, weight reduction or gaining muscle mass. He has a long-term collaboration with national hockey players and players from the overseas NHL. He specializes in breaking down the ills of modern times such as muscle, joint, back and civilization diseases. Jiří creates programs for training with employees. These programs help people who spend long hours of their working day at the desk. Hundreds of clients have gone through his programs and courses. He is a co-author of the online program, which aims to help completely eliminate pain in the back, joints, hands, cervical spine, muscles, eyes and more. Thanks to special breathing exercises, people manage stress better and increase their concentration at work. His program helps people live better and healthy lives.

Mgr. Jiří Zadina
5 minute coach

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